Welcome To Only Child Parenting

Nowadays an increasing number of parents are opting for only one child. The reasons for this preference are various. The factors affecting this choice might be financial stress, competitive environment, lack of time, balance between career and motherhood, secondary infertility, divorce, prolong chronic illness etc.

Raising an only child may seem as an overwhelming and complicated task to you .However the chore proves to be perfectly smooth and easy, once you understand the crux of parenting while raising a child. Ultimately the factors that would sculpt the personality of your child as an adult would be the correct information provided coupled with the right parental attitude.

Tips for raising your only child

  • 1.Resist the pressure on your judgments

    The most important issue for you is to be firm and stand beside your decision once you have made up your mind to opt only one child, no matter whatsoever comes your way.

  • 2.Overcome your child’s loneliness

    Early schooling, more and more of his/her friends residing near the school and make arrangements for parties and sleepovers.

  • 3.Promote the spirit of teamwork in your child

    Encourage your child to take part in team sport and other social group activities such as drama, choir, and nature club or science society.

  • 4.Demolish your child’s selfishness

    Abhishek is an only child in a family consisting of his parents and grandparents. All of his family members love him overwhelmingly. He is an apple of their eyes. All of Abhisek’s demands whether necessary or unnecessary are fondly fulfilled by them without giving a second thought to its consequences. All the love and affection showered on abhishek makes him over demanding, selfish and a spoilsport. He regards himself as the most extraordinary and gifted child of the world. He looks upon other children with a sense of inferiority. He demands for his right to play with other children’s toys but he rarely shares his own toys with others. Many children who are being raised without a sibling tend to behave exactly like abhishek. They become selfish and never share their possessions with others. They do not try and understand the feelings of others. Your child should be praised for all his attempts at helping the needy or sharing his things with others. He should be complimented with gifts whenever he honours the feelings of others and considers their needs and aspirations before his own.

  • 5.Encourage them to pursue their dreams and interest

    Parents need to recognize their child’s field of interest, and strengths. You should encourage him/her to do it. Parents should always tell their child that they can do it.

  • 6.Do not offer over- protection to your child

    It is apparent that you love your only child extremely; therefore it is likely that you would always remain vigilant and prepared for any kind of harm or calamity that might befall your loved one. You should never confer your child with fake or excess admiration. If the child is able to complete his work successfully then he/she should be rewarded for his work. This would eventually make your child self confident.

  • 7.Diminish your dependency on your child

    It is likely that you love and adore your child so much that you cannot bear being separated from him/her for even a minute! This increases the chances of you and your child getting awfully hurt when he/she goes their own separate way due to specific reasons or studies.
    To avoid this kind of situations you will have to keep the following in mind:
    • Develop a good husband-wife relationship
    • Take pleasure in your personal interests and habits

  • 8.Keep restrictions on your child’s desires

    It is obvious that all of your capital and property will belong to your only child in near future. Your belief and thinking that your child must have all possible luxury and comfort that you can afford can make your child selfish in his/her life. He/she will also not recognize the value of money and will surely waste it. There should be a limit to your child’s demands and you also should not break these. Before fulfilling your child’s demands first asks him/her to work upon something constructive and then satisfy his/her need.

    • Teach your child appropriate and respectable social rituals
    Your only child should be taught to give suited respect to all the people around him/her. He/she should be sympathetic and loving towards those people who are less fortunate than them.

    • Over-expectations are dangerous for your child
    Your first task should be to recognize your child’s capability and accordingly help him set his/her goals in life.

    • Have a routine conversation with your child
    Daily spend an allotted quality time with your only child.

  • 9.Teacher & your only

    Make good relation with the teacher of your child and urge him to take bit more care with sympathy.

  • 10.Health is first

    When we are healthy, then only we can enjoy the happiness of life. In any unhealthy condition our body & mind do not work properly. Adopt good food habits; eat more & more fruits and vegetables. Get regular health checkups. Complete vaccination against infectious disease is also very necessary, as these vaccines protect us from different diseases.