Beinga Parent

Every parent thinks that he is doing the best possible parenting of their child. They expect that their children should be the best in the word. To achieve the highest goal they make all efforts honestly with their full capability, making all resources available to them. But in spite of their best effort, the results are not always best. Why?

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RaisingYour Child

If you wish that your child should be successful in life, then you should handle your children with love, respect, responsibility, patience, and self control. You must have clear thinking and right behavior along with unconditional Love for the child to establish connection, setting limits to control behavior, respecting individuality of the child.

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You spend much of your time trying to be a good parent, doing whatever for your child while balancing the needs and demands of a busy life. Encourage your child to take part in team sport and other social group activities such as drama, choir, and nature club or science society. Teach your child to experience joy and fun in his day to day activities.

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Parenting, a Pressing Need of Modern India

    Dear friends ,
Here is a story of 16-year-old child Diya who once visited her father Jai’s office. Where she performed some work on the computer of her father, sitting on his extremely relaxing, executive chair. Finding it extremely comfortable and elegant, she expressed a desire for that chair for her study table at home and demanded that the same chair be given to her. Jai was reluctant as the chair was a part of ‘treatment’ for his backache for the past 10 years. Finally, after a day of peaceful debate on the issue, he agreed to give his beloved chair to her on the condition that she will rank under twenties in the next periodic test of her engineering entrance coaching classes, to be held shortly. He made it clear that failing to do so would also deprive her of her mobile phone, which she acquired for her fewer than fifties ranking in the previous examination. While nurturing their children, most of parents spend their entire lives in an endeavor to give ‘the best’ to their children. Most of the time, they wish to make available to them those facilities/goods which they never enjoyed or had access to as children.
This type of self offering behavior is practiced by almost all parents during but only about 20% of them get appropriate results as a reward for their devoted and committed parenting. Even after performing more than their ability, what deprives the remaining 80% of good results? What is the reason behind this? How should they handle their children?